John Chianelli


American Association of Woodturners

The American Association of Woodturners is a great starting point and resource for anyone interested in wood turnery.  They support local chapters across the country.

Cindy Couling

Cindy Couling - Cindy is an amazing multi-talented artist and friend. Her sense of whimsy and creativity is originally fresh. She is the creative energy behind my website. You will be charmed by her works of art.

Fired Up Studios Inc.

Fired Up pottery studio provides space and equipment for clay artists and potters of all levels to explore their creativity and work in a supportive environment.  Celebrating ten years in operation, Fired Up provides a full range of membership options and instructional classes to fit most any need.

Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild

The Guild, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, was formed to foster a creative, innovative and supportive environment for the education of students, professionals and the public in the ceramic arts.

Paul Morris Pottery

Paul and Denise Morris are fellow Minnesota artists who have been in the pottery business for over 20 years. Paul's throwing and wood-fire talents combined with Denise's slip trailing art and sculpture work make for a unique blend of earthy, warm and unique ceramic pieces.

St. John's Pottery, St John's Univeristy, Minnesota

Home to Artist-in-Residence, Master Potter, Richard Bresnahan. The pottery program occupies not only a physical space on the University grounds, but also an intellectual and spiritual space; the studio embodies the University's commitment to the integration of art and life, the preservation of the environment, the linkage of work and worship, and the celebration of diverse cultures.  St John's Pottery is home to the Johanna Kiln, the largest kiln of it's kind in North America.

Steven Showalter Pottery

Steven Showalter is a ceramics educator, professional potter and friend who offers high quality functional wares for sale.  Designs are fresh and innovative while detailed analysis goes into every step of the process.  Cannot miss with this rising star.

The Golden Adobe Gallery

The Golden Adobe Gallery started carrying my work October 2010.  It is one of the oldest and most successful galleries in Santa Fe, NM.  Joey, the gallery owner, is  very knowledgable and a pleasere to deal with.  Drop in at his web site or if you have the pleaseure of being in Santa Fe stop by for a vistit.  You will be well treated.